Minnie mouse party ideas

Posted by admin on Oct 22, 2013 in Tips |

When my friend suggested that I plan my 5 year old son’s birthday party in a box, I had to look directly at her to really grasp the idea she was throwing at me. But if I knew anything it was to listen to her. After all, she had plenty of experience doing this. Her family was full of new born babies. Most of her cousins, brothers and sisters had gotten married around the same time and since they are a close knit family, they even planned babies together so that their kids could grow together just like they did.

So, she had my full attention and all I wanted to know was what box she was talking about. Then she told me that kids watch cartoons and the house of Minnie and mickey usually looks like a little box from afar but is a lovely house on the inside. Out of all the Minnie mouse party ideas, I was floored with the idea. She told me that this is also a great way to surprise little children when they walk into a box having no idea what they are going to find. You can actually buy tiny little furniture and other household items that make the box look like a home from the inside.

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