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Gondola Shelving

Posted by admin on Sep 24, 2013 in Hardware

Are you looking for possibly the most efficient shelf design which is also eye-catching for your customers? With its durability, simplicity, space saving mechanism, Gondola Shelving is the best choice that you have. All the business owners who have display systems in their stores or warehouses know the importance of correct placement. The customer attraction depends highly on the how and where you have placed a certain product. So, often you look for maximum space in line of sight of the customers. This particular kind of shelving is very practical and can be customized for the best experience and optimized utility.

The frames of shelves are also available in many designs that will add to the attention grabbing quality of your display. If you create a good vertical grid, gondola material can hold a very high quantity of weight without getting a dent. You can opt for the heavy stainless steel or a lighter option like aluminum depending on the products that you have to display. The beauty retail stores presently use these shelves in a range of colors to match the brands that they want to display in their shops. You can add all the relevant items on the same shelf as the weight bearing capacity of these shelves is high.