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While the ease of making an online funds or third party transfer has put many on the path to using these services in safe environments, the criminal activity over the internet has dissuaded many others who are open advocates of the many risks related to it. Especially the ones who have personally been harmed or had to face a hard time due to the trap set by unlawful elements in the virtual world, are the ones who are looking with suspicion filled eyes on the mettle of ones who are ardent supporters of use of bitcoins in dealing in the virtual world.

In my eyes, having a separate currency for the virtual world, seems like laying the foundation of a separate life that you can live along with the real one. There has been a lot of debate on how having a virtual life over the social networking sites has led some astray to mistaking it for a real life while they are parked on their couches. Could this be a step towards making the virtual life more real? This is going to blur the existing lines and bring to us a whole new meaning to the term technological impact on human life.

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